I had an amazing time with the filming for my video clip for my upcoming single Cowgirl Rockin’.  This is my second clip working with Duncan Toombs and this time we headed to Singleton, New South Wales for the shoot! It was a chilly morning in Singleton! Lucky for me the clip involved lots of dancing to help warm up!

Thank you very much to Mel and Michael for lending their time, property and beautiful show cattle for the clip. Thank you to Rasamus and all the dancers for lending their time and talents to make the video clip the best it could be, you all did a wonderful job.

A big thank you to Duncan Toombs and the crew at Filmery for their creativity. The video clip for Rockin’ Cowgirl is very bright and cheerful. I can hardly wait to share it with everyone!


Here I am with Laytana the Holstien, one of the many lovely show cattle that played an important part in my video clip.

With the amazing dancers on the set of Cowgirl Rockin’ – so much fun!


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